Operating Culture Assessments

Operating Culture Assessments

Operating Culture Assessments

Effective Operating Culture Diagnostics Using Online Surveys

Online Group Surveys

Business experts and academics both agree that a healthy operating culture is integral to the performance excellence of any group. If this culture is constrained even the slightest, its effect on organizational performance can be considerable.  Many  managers lack the ability to identify these culture constraint points early enough to prevent culturally related performance failures. That is where this survey tool can help.

Group cultures operate like biological organisms. When all the parts are healthy the organism thrives.  When any one part becomes unhealthy or dysfunctional it can impact the well being of the other parts and the entire organism.  What can begin as just one dysfunctional sub-factor can ferment over time to seriously degrade several major factors that drive performance. Unless this negative “drift” is identified and corrected, dysfunctional cultural factors tend to progressively worsen until a major failure forces a shake-up in the organism. The goal of our culture survey is to identify this negative culture drift so the organization can address the failure modes, take corrective action to improve the culture, and prevent culture induced operating and financial failures.

The Culture Performance Factors we measure:

  • Leadership
  • Ethics
  • Process Capability
  • Risk/Reward
  • Satisfaction

Our online survey can quickly assess the vital few factors in your organization that are constraining performance the most.  Whether your group’s culture is dysfunctional, healthy, or somewhere in between, this survey will generate sufficient detail to show you where you can improve the effectiveness of your operating culture.

Our web based survey can be used to conduct single group or multi-group surveys of organizations in multiple locations, simultaneously, anywhere in the world, for just $11.95 per survey taker.  The average survey taking time is 10 minutes. There is no limit to the number of respondents or sub groups you can use.  Most employees can take the survey while sitting at their desks without requiring time consuming pencil and paper regimens. At only $11.95 this is a simple, cost-effective organizational diagnostic that can be afforded by just about any organization.  All survey questions and Summary Reports are in English.

Single Group Surveys

Single group surveys are used when a single group is to be surveyed. The number of survey “slots” or participants can be as few as one, or as many as thousands. The survey cost is $11.95 per participant and is purchased via phone using a credit card (Visa, MC, Discover and AMX are accepted).

How to Order.  Simply call us Monday through Saturday, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm EST, to place your phone order, and your group survey will be ready to take online within minutes. You will receive an e-mail order confirmation which will provide an activated survey url for taking your  survey. You will also be instructed to distribute that e-mail (url) to the participants in your group to take the survey. Upon completion of the surveys, a detailed single group report will be e-mailed to you, the purchaser.

See a Sample Single Group Report

Multi-Group Surveys

Multi-Group surveys are used when more than one group (such as departments or locations) within a broader group is to be surveyed, and it is considered useful to compare these groups as a part of a holistic view of the larger group. The purpose of the Multi-Group survey is to reveal which cultural constraints are unique among specific sub groups, and which are common issues in the broader organization.  Sub groups have typically been created around established organizational lines such as departments, branches, locations, divisions, or products, however your sub-grouping is in no way limited to these approaches. You are free to define the sub-grouping scheme that is most meaningful to you and your organization.

There are no upward limits to the number of sub-groups you can specify. Multi-Group studies provide the same Single Group Reports for each sub-group as described in the Single Group studies above, plus a Multi-Group Report to provide the holistic view.

Validity.  Our web based online survey will identify the leading ethical and cultural factors constraining performance in any organization.  Our algorithm measures five performance factors and over 20 leading ethics and culture related sub factors which are supported by decades of large scale academic studies.  While many organizational surveys encounter problems with universality and general applicability, our survey has proven to be remarkably universal and applicable to a wide range of organizations throughout the world. When our survey identifies constraints, and these constraints are addressed, group performance improves!

Improvement. While our surveys are revealing, the survey results will only represent a starting point in the improvement journey. Identified constraints still need to be investigated with the people involved to find the precise conditions that are causing the constraints. Improvement professionals know that in order to find the root cause to a problem, the problem itself must first be identified. Our surveys will tell you what your problems are, so you can focus on finding and correcting the root causes.


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